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Health resources on the web

Learn more about your health

Learn more about your health, your condition, or your medication from some of the best medical resources on the web.  Or, talk to one of our licensed pharmacists to learn more.

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 American Cancer Society  

  Through research, education, advocacy, and service,

  American cancer society has been continuously working to

  prevent cancer, save lives and diminish suffering.

 American Heart Association

  American Heart Association aims to reduce deaths caused by

  cardiovascular disease.

 Dietary Supplement Information 

  Committed to educate consumers, health professionals, the

  media, and policymakers regarding facts about dietary


 Mayo Clinic

  In order to lead a healthy life, Mayo Clinic provides award-

  winning medical and health information and tools.

 Medicare and Medicaid 

  The official U.S. Government Site for people with Medicare &


Health resources on the web

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